Film Fund FUZZ A/S

Film Fund FUZZ A/S is a limited company established in 2006 to promote and stimulate film and tv production in Bergen and Hordaland. Filmfondet Fuzz’s core business is to invest in tv and cinema productions. It provides top financing and the scheme is a selective co-production investment.

FUZZ operates with both public funds and private investors. Filmfondet Fuzz is owned by Bergen municipality and it is also Bergen municipality which covers the administration costs of running the public/private fund.
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Cine-Regio representative - Lars Marøy

Lars Marøy is Managing Director of Film Fund FUZZ Ltd.

After having finished his studies at the University of Bergen, Norway and Complutense of Madrid, Spain, Marøy started working in short films and documentaries. The most notable are "SMS Slaves" for Piraya Film and TV2 Norway (2002), "Shining happy", a price winner at the Norwegian short film festival (2003); and "Hypochondriacs", for Piraya Film, TV2 Norway and SVT (2007).



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