Filmkraft Rogaland was established 2006. The aim of the fund is to encourage development and financing of film and television productions within the region, as well as stimulating the know how within the industry. The fund focuses on artistically interesting productions, that also promote the film- and TV business in Region Rogaland.
The Rogaland Region is, as one of Norway’s most international and innovative regions, an excellent platform for establishing a strong and professional environment for regional film- and TV production. During the last ten years the competence in the region has increased in all areas of the industry and thus Filmkraft Rogaland, as a resource center, is a natural part of the development.

Filmkraft Rogaland supports feature films, short- and documentary productions. The fund has an annual budget of 4.4 milj NOK = 525.000 €
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Cine-Regio representative - Mrs. Elisabeth Dahl

Elisabeth Dahl was born in 1973. She has her educational background in music, cultural administration and leadership at the Universities of Oslo, Telemark and Agder. During her careeer so far she has been working mainly in the music industry and culture management.
In the later years she has been the general manager for culture in Lillesand, Norway, where she also has been managing the local cinema. She has been the managing director of Filmkraft Rogaland since October 2014.



Filmkraft Rogaland AS
Rogaland Fylkeskommune
Box 130
4001 Stavanger

Tel: +47 51 51 69 72