Sardegna Film Foundation

The Foundation Sardegna Film Commission, was established by the Regional Law n. 15 of 20 September 2006: "Standards for the development of cinema in Sardinia," in the form of an association, a non-profit organization. Sardegna Film Commission is designed to promote and enhance the artistic and environmental heritage and create conditions to attract film, television and audio productions in Sardinia through:

a) the information and the disclosure of the opportunities and services available to productions in the region,
b) the provision of services, information, organizational and logistic facilities,
c) promotion of cinematographic and audiovisual works that enhance the image and awareness of Sardinia
d) collaboration with local authorities, public and private organizations of production and services operating in Sardinia and with other national and international organizations and bodies.
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Cine-Regio representative Mrs. Nevina Satta



Sardegna Film Foundation
Viale Trieste 186
09123 Cagliari

Tel: +39(0)70 6064923
Fax: +39 ()70 6064026